JFF Clan Rules

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Admittance to the clan postulates that you acknowledge and accept the following rules:

  1. The minimum age for new members is 18 years.

  2. Registration to this homepage is mandatory.

  3. Applicants have to be well known and respected to at least five existing members, or have to be a former member of another well respected clan.

  4. You have to have your TrackMania account(s) in good standing, with no reported misconduct whatsoever.

  5. Multiple clan membership (even temporary) requires awareness and admittance by the clan leaders.

  6. It's your responsibility to stay up to date about community activities. It's recommended to log in to the homepage at least once a week to stay informed about internal topics.

  7. You should inform the leaders in case of longer forseeable absence times.

  8. Unexcused absence for more than 90 days leads to exclusion from JFF and revocation of all administrative rights and access to the internal forums..

  9. Unexplained removal of the clan tag will be viewed as resignation from JFF and leads to revocation of all administrative rights and access to the internal forums.

  10. If you resign or get excluded from JFF, you can re-apply once, but only after a time limit individually set by the leaders.

  11. Racism, invidiousness, glorification of violence and religious or political fanatism will not be tolerated.

  12. Dignity and reputation of JFF and its members as well as other clans and players have to be preserved under all circumstances, especially during wars and events.

  13. Copying/cloning of other clan tags, skins, logos and nicknames will not be tolerated.

  14. Arguing out differences and conflicts in the public (eg. public servers or forums) will not be tolerated. The same goes for deliberate provocation.

  15. Disclosure of internal content/information and server passwords to non-members requires admittance of the learders.

  16. The author rights of maps, skins, graphics or any content especially created for JFF automatically pass into JFF's possession.

  17. Only the leaders are authorized to issue directives or sanctions against regular members.

The following sanctions can be imposed by the leaders:
  • Restriction of forum and/or chat rights.
  • Restriction of administrative rights.
  • Exclusion from JFF servers, wars and events.
  • Exclusion from JFF.

The learders reserve the right to alter or add rules at any time without premonition or further announcement. Changes and additions become effective immediately, but not retroactively. The leaders are available for your queries at any time.

Last updated: April 2nd, 2018


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