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26.05.17 02:49
application: sulazdk

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02.08.18 12:23
Some rando's app (Ghost)
declined! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
19.06.18 01:59
cool stuff is gonna be, that we‘re gonna be in the same clan in TM2 and TMU lol
19.06.18 07:23
lol, gg

ill say yes xd
08.03.18 11:07
Sneaky Application
remove that post, its a public thread, i copied it
08.03.18 12:18
Sneaky Application

give ur number to anyone of us, that we can add u to our whatsapp meme group xd
04.03.18 09:18
Sneaky Application

joke, started reading, and saw u mentioning that youre enjoying hektik and other...
15.02.18 08:08
Application Dj
just check out JFF Hunt & Chill, or Mini FS & Chill, there youll most likely find someone
04.02.18 04:22
Application Dj
speaking of alien in the application already, is definitely not a good way to start in jff,...
05.01.18 08:14
Poto Application
get in nigga, and give this xeq guy ur phone number, and ill add u to our whatsapp memimg chat xd
21.12.17 05:25
Dubby Applicationnnnn
nice meme @dubby

i guess ill vote for yis

upcoming match




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