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The Whole Nine Days - Results

Scrim Week:
JFF | 42 : 10 | EGO
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JFF | 42 : 9 | EGO
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Thanks, EGO, this was great fun! GGA!
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The Whole Nine Days

EGO is an aspiring and ambitious TM clan, and as such
they don't want just a war, but also a scrim week!

The scrim starts on July 15th and ends on the 22nd.

The war takes place the next day,
July 23rd at 8pm CEST (20:00),
on the same maps (FullSpeed, 3 per team).

Both results will be added for a total score.
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Event Winners

The winners have been announced in this thread.

All payouts have been processed.

Congrats, and enjoy your Coppers!

Thank you all for taking part,
and CYA next time!

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Lurk's B'day Event

Tonight, 7:30pm CEST (19:30)


Contrary to our initial plans, the server ain't Freezone. Nations players are still welcome to play. Check this thread for a guide how to join as a Nations player.

CYA later!
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Diving Back Into FunSpeed

...With A Beat!

JFF | 42 : 7 | ZR
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Thanks for the match, Zorscy! GGA!

Also thanks to our supporters and spectators, and special
thanks to MrPeaze for going through endless efforts
to configure his server(s) to our needs!

<3 WwwWaaAZzzzaaAAAaaA!!!


Nächstes Match




Best Server Controller For Clan Wars?