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08.12.2019, 15:45
offline Enzzo

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registered: 28.06.2019

Eyo guys, Im Enzzo TM Login (enis_vip) and i started playing tm since 2013 and i was only lol but now i started to play with pad and funspeed and ofc speedfun. And now i want to join jff cuz a lot of you guys playing funspeed.It would be great to join jffcrazy.yop guys thats it thanks for reading this smiling
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11.12.2019, 15:22
offline Giga
Still A Noob

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registered: 11.04.2017

I was seeing that you have some nice dedis in FullSpeed (according to dedimania), I don't know you... but I hope to meet you soon crazy
My vote is yes, good luck with the votes amused

Edit: You forgot to make the poll, read the guidelines for applying:

12.12.2019, 17:54
offline Shuffle

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registered: 20.02.2015

Well, I totally forgot to write it, he is declined already, because he is to young.
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13.12.2019, 12:52
offline Giga
Still A Noob

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registered: 11.04.2017

This is sad :/
Well, he have some years to train and learn the speed styles, and get to know some of us better
If he wants to try again in the future, we'll be here crazy

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