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03.03.2019, 20:55
offline severus

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registered: 26.01.2019

Hi, my name is severus (irl full name : Severus Moonshadow). I've been playing tech for the past 5 years at a decent level id say, but recently got into funspeed and therefore meeting some jff members like - dunno actually - that helped me get better and motivated me to apply here. Ive much to learn and ill gladly do it with a skinny ass looking JFF tag on. Ill be able to help some of you in tech if neeeded wink I also play a little bit of dirt and I enjoy RPG occasionnaly. Im from ...
that should be enough yo
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08.03.2019, 17:18
offline Danny
Still A Noob

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registered: 04.01.2017

your name is not severus moonshadow wtf. show me your driving licence xd

08.03.2019, 18:32
offline Xeqzion

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registered: 05.03.2016

ah danny, you need to get your internet back on xd

08.03.2019, 21:29
offline severus

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registered: 26.01.2019

it actually is danny, and xeq that profile pic come on its fucking 21st century

10.03.2019, 20:54
offline Pedal2theMetal

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registered: 17.02.2015

So... are you gonna stay the night?

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Welcome to JFF bro, and sorry for my delayed reply. Didn't mean to be disrespectful or anything, just had a busy time, and computer issues on top. Have a great time!
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