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01.10.2018, 18:22
offline Moux

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Hey Guys,

i just wanted to inform you that I'm leaving JFF.
Unfortunately, despite the hope to find some members to hunt with, I realized that this community is playing fullspeed only. There were no posts about Funspeed events, e.g.
That's mainly the reason for my desicion.
Nevertheless you guys were really kind to me and I wish you and JFF all the best for the future.

Keep hunting

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01.10.2018, 18:38
offline mcmxcvii
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Moux wrote:

I realized that this community is playing fullspeed only. There were no posts about Funspeed events, e.g.
That's mainly the reason for my desicion.

We had one war since you joined, a funspeed one. Our next war also is a funspeed one.

It's all fine if you want to join another clan, but don't blame it on the lack of funspeed activity here.

Best regards
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01.10.2018, 19:45
offline noth
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you have left JFF almost a week ago, so I don't really see the purpose of this post. GL with TNL.


02.10.2018, 11:58
offline Pedal2theMetal

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Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for sharing your reasons for leaving JFF.

A word on FunSpeed activity though. With more than twice as many FS players than FunSpeed players in JFF, it's no surprise there is more FS action going on, especially considering that most Pro Squad players are way more active than the majority of our Speed Squad.

Thing is, a lot of time and dedication is required to hone your skill at a game. With better skill comes the demand for more challenging games and stronger competition. Therefore, I think it's quite natural that the more active, aspiring, and competition seeking players shift towards FullSpeed.

Even if both styles were equal in popularity, which they may or may not be - the average FunSpeed player spends less time in-game in general, and is therefore less eager to organize in clans and harder to motivate for wars and challenges than the average FullSpeed player. Additionally, many FunSpeed players simply have a different approach, as they play the game for different reasons and with different goals. It's something you have to accept and take into account.

I understand that's sad for the skilled and ambitious FunSpeed regulars, who I know do exist, but it's an evolutionary, game specific effect, not a JFF specific issue. A lot of FunSpeed clans report a major lack of interest/activity, or have disbanded altogether.

Long story short, it's not that we neglect our Speed Squad or that we don't promote FunSpeed competition - it's just a lot tougher. However, we're still trying our best, as evident by what mcm said, and there's more to come.

All the best to you, too.
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