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02.08.2018, 01:31
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User registration will remain disabled for security reasons. If you want to post on the forums or apply for a membership, please contact Lurk, Shuffle or Xeqzion in-game. We will provide you with a dummy account ASAP. Here's some words on using an account:

  • The dates you'll be given are just temporary placeholders. You're required to edit your login name and password within 24 hours, and especially prior to posting, otherwise the account will be deleted, along with your posts.
  • It's recommended to enter a valid email address, otherwise you won't be able to request a new password if you forget yours.

Guidelines for applying for a JFF membership:

If you want to apply, we recommend to get in touch in-game with as many members as possible beforehand, just to ensure to pass the obligatory poll.

  • First of all, take a minute and read our clan rules. If you don't acknowledge our rules, don't bother applying.
  • Unless you are a true TrackMania legend, you need to name your in-game login in your application.
  • Even though you might be well known to our most active members, be aware that JFF has well over 40 members, and not everyone may have heard of you, let alone met you ever before, so please introduce yourself accordingly.
  • You have to add a poll with two options, ie. "Yes" and "No", or "Accept" and Decline" or similar. The title of the poll is basically irrelevant as everyone knows what it's about; however, a misleading poll title is not allowed. Don't forget to set the runtime of the poll to 15 days.
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