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18.02.2016, 22:25
offline RaizZen

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Yo JFF wink

I wanted to start a discussion about a long term issue.
Like Tech, Fullspeed and Dirt, Funspeed or Speedfun is another very important style in Trackmania but yet didn't appear in the ESL.
My question is just simple: Why?
It's very competitive and demanding to every player. You don't just have transition or sding, you have to use several technics to bring your time on the track.
Of course, there are many really good players and teams around the tm community to fill a whole SPS schedule.
My pleasure would be that the ESL should host an event like SPS for Speedfun.

If you are interested, please feel free to post a message on the esl topic:

PS: Sansa und Pedal müssen ja nicht mitmachen :P

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