clanwar details

date: 17.07.2016
game / squad: Speed Squad
opponent: RM / The Roaring Motors
league: SpeedFun [matchlink]
maps: eruption13b, Route 666, Sie hat noch keinen Namen, Nevada [Bill], Cappuccino, Pole Dance FS »93«
map result
eruption13b 7 : 0
Route 666 5 : 7
Sie hat noch keinen Namen 7 : 2
Nevada [Bill] 4 : 7
Cappuccino 4 : 7
Pole Dance FS »93« 4 : 7
total 31 : 30
JFF team: Shuffle, Sansa, Lorbi, Horst, Xeqzion, Rain, TimonBoaz, noth
RM team: Morfius, SpeedyStorm, Minimeier, Diabolos, Lars, Punisher, Hallokevin
server: JFF Go War!
hltv server:

What a fantastic war, and what a thriller again! Like last time, JFF lost 4 out of 6 maps but in the end won with one point ahead!


Thanks to the masses of screenshots JFF MrPeazE provided, I'm happy to provide a table with detailed stats. It's been added to the screenshots above.

Bottom line: Not only did RM win by map count (4:2), they also scored more rounds points (1691:1671). I think it's safe to say the points calculation methods provided by TM aren't the fairest, but there's nothing more we can do than to pick the lesser of the two evils (points_newrules) and show our deepest respect for the great performance RM showed.


Thank you to Lorbi for organizing the war and sticking through the struggle that turned out to be, to the Roaring Motors for accepting our challenge and always being nice and fun dudes and of course fair gamers, to JFF MrPeazE for his endless efforts with the server(s), for the screenshots and for his patience with me and most especially with Lorbi, for JFF Xeqzion for his performance on a map he didn't even want to play in the first place, and of course to everyone else who participated and helped making this another exciting and successful match. Also, thanks to everyone showing their interest and spectating!

GGA, and CYA next time!


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#2 by Pedal2theMetal Clanmember 23.07.2016 - 02:10
Avatar   Nassau offline quote

Screenshot (stats table) and report updated.

#1 by Sansa Clanmember 18.07.2016 - 13:34
Avatar   Germany Homepage offline quote

ez lol

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