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date: 19.09.2015
game / squad: Speed Squad
opponent: RM / The Roaring Motors
league: SpeedFun [matchlink]
maps: Candygirl XS...!, Color Blocks »93«, Route 666, Shadows Of Light »93«, -Ch!pseT-, »GAYSON«
map result
Candygirl XS...! 6 : 0
Color Blocks »93« 0 : 6
Route 666 5 : 6
Shadows Of Light »93« 3 : 6
-Ch!pseT- 6 : 0
»GAYSON« 5 : 6
total 25 : 24
JFF team: Shuffle, Lorbi
RM team: Diabolos, Chevalier, Morfius, Namy, Flex
server: JFF »War/Train« 1
hltv server:



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#3 by Morfius 21.09.2015 - 00:40
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Unnecessary to speak of being "unlucky", considering our 2 best players were absent as well and to top it 2 players that were supposed to drive didn't show up at all. Neither team has to come up with any excuses ... it was an exciting and close war and you were a bit better that evening. wink

It's not easy to find a date that suits all players but let's hope we find one anytime in the future with both teams having all their players available. smiling

Cya on the road,

#2 by Lorbi Clanmember 20.09.2015 - 08:30
Avatar   Germany offline quote

np dude amused was nice that you guys decided to drive against us amused was also a bit unlucky of us, that our 2 best players couldnt be here yesterday :/ but that made the fight legendary amused everyone gave his best, as we couldd see smiling anyway, was a really nice fight and every team did well! if you guys want to, we'll be happy for having a rematch for sure tongue

#1 by Namy 19.09.2015 - 23:56
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Thanks for the awesome match, we got u in four maps boys, fear us RM's WUHAHAHAHA! Thanks for persuading me for a war lorbi boy <3 it surely turned out to be a fun event for me n my fellow drivers crazy

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